Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10 - Good Morning!

Yesterday before I left to go home I was really hoping that Kameron would wake up and I would see him awake before I left. He didn't wake up all the way but, he would open his eyes and teeny-tiny amount and look over at me when I would talk. So, I KNOW that he can hear me and knows I am here. He is doing the same thing today but, more often.

His vent setting is down to 50% with his oxygen level in his blood, right around 90%. And he only has his TPN running, and even that they are trying to wean him off of. He has been off his blood pressure medication since yesterday at 4pm so, 19 hours. If he makes it to 24 hours (4pm today) then they will turn off his CRRT machine! His blood pressure is looking really good so, I am crossing my fingers he'll make it!

We are waiting to see the ENT about his trach. Hopefully he will be in today and we can get that done!

Kam's nurse was saying that Kameron could be so lethargic because he has high levels of ammonia in his blood and with his liver enzymes being high, his liver isn't clearing it out. So, they gave him a medication through his NG tube that will pull the extra ammonia out of his blood, through his GI trac. His nurse also told me that he has NO bed sores! I was surprised by that since he has been in the same position for weeks now. He just has some thick skin ;)

I have been thinking alot over the past couple of days how GRATEFUL I am for each of you. Your love, support, generosity and concern amazes me! I am so grateful there are such generous people. I have had some amazing experiences with people, some that I do not even know, that I will never be able to forget! I don't know how else to express my gratitude except to say THANK YOU!

(that and you're all invited to Kameron's "We're glad you're here, happy birthday & way to go" party, when this all blows over! ;)


Hannah Peters said...

So happy to see that things are finally looking up!!
All our prayers and best wishes!

ToddNSass said...

You're awesome Jamie. Glad to hear things are getting slowly better.

Becky said...

Hey Jamie. Just lettin' you know I have been reading your updates even though I haven't said anything. Just want to let ya know we're thinking of you and I'm glad things are slowly getting better. We'll continue to keep you in our prayers. You're amazing.

Carolyn Pyle said...

Great to hear more good news! I am praying for you and Kameron. I am home almost all the time, so please call if you need anything!

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