Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today we came to the hospital right after Sacrament Meeting. When I had called Kam's nurse at 7:30 she said that overnight he would open his eyes and track you but, that was all he was doing and he hasn't done that since. I'm just so anxious for him to wake up! I know he is just going to be so weak and probably will panic a little bit when he sees all the things hooked up to him! But, it will be nice to see him awake!

Dr. Hueng showed us the x-ray of Kameron's left lung right before they put in his chest tube - there was like 2 inches of extra air/fluid on the outside of his lung! It was crazy. No wonder he has been having a hard time breathing! Then - he showed us the x-ray of his lung about 15 minutes after they put in the chest tube and it was fully expanded again. Crazy, how quick it fixed itself!

Kameron only has ONE medication running right now - his blood pressure medication, which helps keep his BP up. His platelets are at 41,000 but he has been doing fine with bleeding. They didn't have any issues with him bleeding yesterday when they put the chest tube in.

His CO2 levels are good. His oxgenation is at 65% and his oxygen levels in his blood are at 95%. They did have it down to 60% but, he kept dropping down below 90% so, they put it up.

Tomorrow Kameron will have a consult with the ENT for his TRACH!! (woohoo!) When they do the surgery, they will also do a CT Scan of his brain, neck & chest, just to check on those an make sure it all looks okay (no internal bleeding, etc.) all at the same time so, they only have to take him out of the room once.

Today they are also supposed to do an ultrasound of his liver and pancreas and of his heart - I believe. They couldn't do them yesterday because he had too much air underneath his skin that they couldn't get a good picture so, now that the air is mostly gone - they should be able to see it better. It's crazy - you can feel the air under his skin and it almost feel like ... Rice Krispies! It's weird.

Oh - they are hoping to take him off of the CRRT and try doing normal dialysis. But, he has to be off of his blood pressure medication for 24 hours before they can do that. And they just re-started it at 11am today, so we will still wait on that.

and that's it! I am trying to be patient with him waking up but I can't! I am so impatient. ;)


Spencer and Marlee said...

We are so happy for the good news!! I hope that it continues to go that direction! I just want you to know that you are in our prayers and many others. I believe there are angels watching over you and your family. After the garage sell yesterday my heart was filled!! So many people care about you guys and love you more than you can imagine!! Please let me know what I can do to help!! Your a strong girl that inspires many.

Pam said...

We were very touched by your thoughtful gift left for us Saturday. We LOVE the painting and immediately hung it right by the front door. Please keep in touch and feel free to come and stay any day you want. -Love, Gary & Pam R.

Merri said...

Jami, thanks for all the updates! I'm not a patient person either! I can't wait till he's awake and you can finally talk to him! We're praying that moment comes soon. Love you both!

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