Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday, Dr. Hueng was back (yay!) he told us that he is very pleased with Kameron's progress. He had said that when he would check in with other doctors re: Kameron, he was getting discouraged because he was afraid Kameron was just going to be a vegetable! So, when he was at the hospital and checked on Kameron, he was so happy to see him awake and responding and even squeezing his hand. He said he was very pleased with how Kameron looked.

Matt & I were talking about this, and thought this might be the case. Dr. Hueng has seen Kameron since day 1 so he has know his best days and his worst days. The other pulmonologist that was there this past week, has never seen Kameron before, so he doesn't realized how much improvement we have seen. (That doesn't excuse some of the things he's said, which I am still a little bitter about, but I'll get over it!) So, I was glad to hear Dr. Hueng's encouraging words!

He showed me Kameron's CT Scan of his lungs and and x-ray. There are little pockets or cysts on his lungs that they did a culture of to make sure it's not Pneumocystis Pneumonia.

Today when I talked to Dr. Hueng he said that Kameron is looking really good from a lung stand point. The two main concerns right now are getting the trach in, which they will be doing this week, and getting a GI Doc to see Kameron about his liver. He wants to see if there is anything that can be done to help Kameron's bilirubin levels or if we just have to let his body run it's course and get the bilirubin out on it's own.

He also mentioned something about putting a feeding peg in. It is a feeding tube that goes right into his stomach from the outside. Then they can get the feeding tube out of his nose!

That's about it. I will be down there most of this week. Del Ann & Gary Haymore stopped by to see Kameron today and said that he seemed to recognize them and know who they were. I also want to remember that John Morril stopped by to see Kameron on Friday & awhile back (like several weeks), I remember Kameron telling me that Mike Goodman had stopped by to visit. We love having visitors! It breaks up the monotony of the day! :)


Lisl and Stephen said...

YAY, thats awesome! I'm so glad that Kameron is getting visitors and improving!! What a relief to get the other doctor back. Tha's so aweful the other one spoke to you the way he did. You're doing so great!!

Alicia said...

I know this doesn't count, but last night I dreamed that we visited you guys. Kameron sat up and talked to us. It was a great dream -one of those you hate to wake up from.

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