Monday, August 17, 2009


Kameron's team of nurses & doctors!
I figured that since I spend all day with these people ... maybe you should get to know them too!
granted, this isn't everyone but, some of the nurses he has only had like one time.


Dr. Hueng: Pulmonologist. Very intelligent. CARES SO MUCH about his patients! I remember when Kameron had had several days of bad news and then the next day his numbers climbed (more like tripled), well when the nurse told him Kam's new numbers he jumped up and down saying, "yes!" Bottom line: Dr. Hueng is awesome.

Dr. Hedeli: Pulmonologist (works with Hueng) ... basically, he reminds me of the big alien on Lilo & Stitch. Accent, looks, laugh ... exactly.

Dr. Gold: I honestly don't know what kind of Dr. he is, I think he is just a basic hospital doctor, roams the halls and does a little bit of everything. Anyways, he is ... interesting, for lack of a better word. He always looks upset and hardly ever says anything but, you can tell that he is brilliant.

He also has lots of other Doctors:
Dr. Insell (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Jan/Dr. Walshaw (Renal)
Dr. Soderberg (ENT)
Dr. Karl/Dr. Howe (Rheumatologist)
Dr. Nasif (Infectious Disease)

And they are all really great!!

Day Nurses:

Julie: GREAT nurse. Takes time to explain things to us, in ways that we will understand. Just don't get on her bad side ;)

Ron: Also, a very excellent nurse that will explain things to us whenever he is doing something. Can tell he really cares about Kameron and wants him to get better. Just celebrated 10 years of working at TMC.

Tery: Seriously, SO sweet. I loved when she was Kameron's nurse.

Natalea: Very intelligent nurse! Knows so much about what she is doing!

Leah: Really sweet. LOVES Kason. Works hard to get things done.

Gabe: Tall dude. Very focused on his work but, takes time to get to know the patient and answer any questions we have.

David: Could POSSIBLY be LDS, really looks it. And has only been married 18 months and has a 6 month old ... hmmmm. He really takes time to get to know us, is always checking on how we're doing and how Kason is handling everything.

Richard: Looks almost identical to Daniel. I kid you not. When Kameron was on the sedation (and awake) and Richard was his nurse, Kameron asked me if Richard was Daniel.

Night Nurses:
(I don't know many of these, just because I'm not usually here at night!)

Chip: Drives a Harley. Loves to play with Kason. Cares about Kameron but, also always takes time to ask how I am doing.

Lindsey: Seriously, Lindsey rocks. Like I want to hang out with her because she is so much fun. When Kameron was awake and she was his nurse, he was like, "great, you guys are gonna talk all night - you're going to get along way too well!"


Graham: Working his way through medical school by being a tech. Lots of fun, jokes around with Kam when he's awake. Very friendly.

Pat: Jolly. That is seriously the best way to describe Pat. He sings and dances and whistles ALL day when he is working. He is lots of fun.

Charge Nurse:

Jenn: The sweetest nurse here, I think. I could sit and talk to her for hours about, who knows what. She is such a sweetheart!

SO ... there ya have it. The people we spend day in and day out with. Kameron has an AMAZING team of doctors and nurses that work with him.

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Jill said...

I think it would be so difficult to be a doctor and nurse and to get home from work and be able to leave work at work. Which I am sure they don't! I would be so worried about all my patients I wouldn't be able to function! I am so glad you know them well and feel comfortable with them. Hang in there!

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