Friday, August 7, 2009

8/7 - Good Evening

Since they have taken Kameron off his paralytic he has been doing really good without it! It took awhile for him to become un-paralyzed, it usually takes 2 hours but because Kameron has kidney issues it took longer. Probably about 5 hours.

He has been coughing and they do this test where the send electric currents through his body and see how many times they get muscle spasms back. When they have done this they get 4 out of 4 spasms, which is good.

Their main concern was his breathing and how his peak airway pressure would be affected. But, so far gua breathing has been just fine!

He is still sedated but, they lowered it some today. I am hoping that they will continue to lower it so Kameron can maybe be more awake and alert.

Today, our good friends from Thatcher, Cami and Shawn Warren & all their adorable kids, came to see us today. It was so fun to see people from Thatcher & visit for a bit. And they saved my life by getting me some phillipine brand mangoes from Costco (thanks again guys!)

I decided I need to document when people come to visit because I will never be able to remember everyone who has come and I want Kameron to know who has stopped by. (for the record: Mason Nicholls dad stopped by, brother schlessinger from our ward stopped by and Kameron's boss has stopped by...I think that's it. If you have come by and I didn't remember - PLEASE remind me!!!)

So besides some yummy cold stone with Holly Hamilton - that has pretty much been our day. My mom headed back home tonight so, I am back to wrangling Kason on my own.

Tune in tomorrow for an update! ;)
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The Gouldings said...

I am so glad to hear some good news. You guys continue to be in our prayers as you all go through this trial. As I told Elena, I am and can be available to watch Kason. Just let me know if you need help with him. Little man would love the company now that school is back in session.
We will continue to pray for all of you.

laurdacooj said...

I love you Jami, and am so so grateful that your week has had good news... I hope this continues:)- I CANT wait to see you tomorrow:)

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