Friday, August 7, 2009

8/7 - Good Morning!

Last night, around 5pm, Dr. Hueng came and put in the chest tube to help Kam’s pneumothorax. He cut a little incision about 3 inches down from his right armpit. Then he dissected his way through the muscle and fat until right before he would break through. Then, when he put the rubbery tube through, you could hear all of the air escape! It was crazy! Just like a little gust of air letting all of the extra air out! Then, they hooked it all up and bandaged him up.He also took out Kameron’s catheter’s that were in his groin, the vas-cath. Those things were HUGE! They were probably like 7 or 8 inches long! YIKES!

And, the super good news that I was so excited about last night, I wanted to tell it to everyone I saw: His platelet count was up to 90,000!!!! And his white blood cell count was up to 7.5! What a jump! I was seriously so excited because I know that they have been putting off doing a lot of procedures, that will help him get better, because of these two numbers being low! So, now that they are finally climbing – we’re getting closer to being able to do these procedures! Happy day!

This morning around 9:30 they turned off Kameron's paralytic. They are watching his peak airway pressures to make sure they stay at a good level (whatever that means!) He is still sedated but, atleast he is slowing coming off his medications. His oxygenation is also down to 70% today. And his platelets are at 71,000 (I am assuming they dropped since yesterday because yesterday when they did the count, Kameron had just received one unit of platelets), and his white blood cell count is up 10.5!

So, we are definately taking baby steps in the right direction! Kameron is still very ill and in ICU and all that jazz BUT ... we are getting good news so often now that it's SO encouraging! I know that we still have a long road ahead of us but, it makes things easier when it's positive news we hear each morning!!

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Rebekah said...

excellent news!!!! i hope he continues to improve!!

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