Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bountiful Temple

The second Sunday of November we drove up to Layton to my aunt and uncles house in Layton for a Davies Family Home Evening. It was fun being here to get together with all of the family! On our way up we dropped my mom off at the airport. She had been here helping us get things unpacked and put away. So, we dropped her off at the airport and then headed north. We had some extra time so we stopped at the Bountiful Temple and walked around the grounds. The view from that temple is AMAZING! It was gorgeous. Kason kept asking to go see the Christ statue, like the one at the Mesa Temple. He loves listening to the statue talk.

I love these pictures of Kason – his facial expressions are priceless and adorable! I love my little man and he LOVES temples –that makes me happy. I can’t wait for him to get older so he can really understand the blessings that we get from temples and the reason that temples mean so much to me.

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