Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls & Kiddo Getaway! (September)

Back in September when I got those incredible pictures done by Ashley Madsen, Kason and I spent the weekend with Alicia and her kids and Steph and her kids and we had a FUN & CRAZY few days! I can’t wait to do it again!

All the kiddos … I am surprised we didn’t go crazy … 6 kids (all 3 and under) and 3 moms!!

This picture (which I stole from Alicia’s blog) pretty much sums up the weekend … kids all over the place!!

Us momma’s
(I had just gotten my make-up done for our pictures … I don’t usually wear that much make-up! Haha)

Thank you Steph for the housing and food. Thank you Alicia for lining up everything and for the junk food. Thank you BOTH for an AMAZINGLY fun weekend!! I am seriously so excited to do it again!!

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JR and Steph said...

That was so fun! I seriously want to do it every year. I love my crooked eyes in that picture, haha. Oh well I still like the picture of the three of us.

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