Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I am sitting in the Relief Society room waiting for class to start and Kason's nursery leader comes in, taps me on the shoulder & says, "We need you in nursery." She didn't have Kason with her so I knew it wasn't just a diaper change. I started freaking out wondering what was going on.

So, I get in there and Kason is playing nicely with a group of kids and a teacher. Hmmm...ok. Kason is fine.

Well, I go to talk to his teacher and she tells me.

"Kason bit Golden and it drew blood."


I got a huge knot in my stomach. I couldn't believe Kason did that. Kason hasn't ever really been a biter - he usually hits when he's frustrated. I just stood their shocked. I didn't really know what to say.

So I told them I was really sorry. I said we would talk about not biting. And they were totally understanding ... I was just humiliated that my kid had done this. I felt HORRIBLE for Golden.

I pulled Kason aside and asked him about what happened and told him that he didn't choose the right and that he should have used his words.

I get back into Relief Society and apologize over and over to Golden's mom. Thankfully - Kason chose the right kid to bite because Golden's parents are the most soft spoken, kindest people ever. She reassured me everything was fine and not to worry. I even went up to her after class and apologize again.

I just can't believe I have the class bully. Let's hope we can correct this behavior or it's going to be a LONG school career for both of us!


Mary Beth said...

i know exactly how you feel - my daughter was sent out of nursery 3 TIMES last sunday for hitting. I just cried when they brought her to me the 2nd time.

Emily S. said...

EEK!!! I am so sorry!!! He is not a BULLY, you poor mama. He was just testing it out, and will probably not do it again.


Dulcie said...

Hi. I was introduced to your blog through a friend on the day that your husband passed away. I want to tell you thanks. Thank you for your example, your testimony, and your strength. I can't imagine what you go through each and everyday but you have taught me so much. You have taught me to appreciate my husband more, and to be grateful for what I have. Because of you I have worked extra hard at my relationship with my husband, and my testimony of a forever family has grown. I've learned to love the annoying little things he does that drive me crazy, because I know that if I were to loose him I would want them back desperately. You are such an example to me. Thank you. I'm glad that you are doing so well.

I wish there was a solution to the biting problem. My daughter doesn't bite others, but she sure does bite me. Those little teeth are sharp! Good luck with your little Kason. He's very lucky to have you.

The Welker Family said...

Biting is such a hard one to handle. My little Abby went through a phase. It didn't last very long. You'll look back on it and laugh :)

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