Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Boy

I just had to share this: Tonight we were saying prayers and as Kason started I asked him what he was thankful for ... he went on to give the sweetest prayer! He said: "Thank you for our house, Thank you for Camden & Ethan (his buddies), Thank you for Jesus, Thank you for Buzzlightyear, Thank you for the Prophet, Thank you for Lightning McQueen, Thank you for Dad, Thank you for Mom." ... I seriously love that kid. He is adorable and makes me smile everyday.

The other night we were at Temple Square in Salt Lake and one of the older Sister Missionaries that was there came up and said hi to all the kids. Kason looks at her and says, "Hi, this is my mom, Jami." ... He makes me laugh.

What would we do without our kids?!

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Maren said...

that is so cute! im glad Brynlee isnt the only one that blesses disney characters. she blesses disney on ice and names each character by name. gotta love kids!

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