Thursday, March 25, 2010

AZ in UT!

Back in January the Phoenix Suns were playing the Utah Jazz. I HAD to go! Me and my friend April bought tickets and I ended up taking a date while she brought her cousin. We had a BLAST. It was so fun to be a Suns fan in the Jazz arena. The Suns ended up losing but, it was still worth it.


This is when they were still winning:

The Girls, (Me, April, Joy):

April & Joy:

With my date ... a HUGE Jazz fan ...

And ... since the Suns lost - I had to wear a Jazz jersey. I felt like a traitor. But it was fun. Jazz fans walking by were loving it. Suns fans walking past were booing & the walk of shame through the halls of the arena was embarrassing. 

I couldn't do it for long ... I had to show my love for the Suns:

It was a blast. We had a really fun night and woke up with no voices the next morning.

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BJAT said...

Brandon is a HUGE suns fan!! Ridiculously HUGE! Anyway, he is thinking with the way things are going that the jazz and the suns will be playing for the playoffs. If they are he wants to get tickets to a game while they are playing close enough that we can go.

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