Sunday, March 28, 2010

Idaho ...

In February I went to Idaho to visit my good friend April. She was supposed to be moving into her house the weekend I was there but, her move in date got pushed back a week. So, I missed that. But, I still got to hang out with her and spend time with her. It was a good little getaway. I had never been to Idaho before so, it was fun to go up there.

One night we went into Boise and went to the mall and we saw this super sweet car. We just had to get a picture by it!!

And we got to meet up with a girl I'd only been friends with online. We used to be in a Mormon Moms group online and had become really good friends from that. So, when I knew I was going to be like 15 minutes from her - I HAD to jump at the chance to meet her!! She is so cute and amazing and has since had that cute lil baby in her tummy!

Kason and her little girl having a blast. They played so good together!!
Football in the mall ...

Kason was so mad when I told him they were leaving ...

The kiddos (probably the  best shot of them all...)

Us with the Ponds:

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Lavinia said...

How fun, I think it's awesome that you and Megan got to meet. I hope I meet someone from the group someday.

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