Sunday, March 28, 2010

So proud ...

I love little conversations I have with Kason. They just make me so happy and proud of him! Today as we were walking out of church I asked Kason, "Did you have fun in nursery?"


"What did you guys talk about today?"

"We talked about Jesus." (this is usually the answer I get every week)

"Oh really? What else did you learn about?"

"That the lady was sad."

"And why was the lady sad?"

"Because Jesus died."

"And then what happened after he died?"

"He came alive again Mom!" And he was SO excited about that!

Ohhh, I love that boy so much. I am amazed at how quickly he learns, and remembers, the things that are taught to him. He is an amazing kid and I am blessed to have him and call him my own. I hope I do a good enough job raising him, that our Heavenly Father will be proud of my work and service as a mother. 


On another Spiritual note, just a little something I've been wanting to share ... a few weeks back Kason and I went to Salt Lake and went to temple square with a group of friends. We had walked around the grounds for a little while and then we ended up in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We were all kind of standing around visiting, letting people who had never been there before explore. I had a moment where I didn't have Kason following me around and I walked over to the statue of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  
(For those non-members of the Latter-Day Saint faith, Joseph Smith is the first prophet of these times. He is the prophet who restored the gospel on the earth and translated the Book of Mormon. He is a very influential person in our church and there is much to be learned from him and from the type of person he was.)
 I walk up to this statue and I am hit with this knowledge and this truth that Joseph Smith truly was, and continues to be, a prophet of the Lord. I knew at that moment without a doubt in my mind that Joseph Smith was an amazing man and he was put on this earth on the Lord's errand. Joseph Smith fulfilled that and we are able to learn from him. I stood there and I looked at this statue thinking ... What a perfect symbol of Joseph Smith. This is a tall, strong statue and it puts off a sense of pride and power and knowledge. Those are all things I think of when I think of Joseph Smith. He is such an important piece of our church's history and I think that they did so right in building such a strong statue - built of solid stone. I was so amazed that I could have such a strong witness of a man while standing in front of a statue representing him. Since that night I have had a stronger love for Joseph Smith and a stronger understanding of what he did for our church and the sacrifices he made, day in and day out.

I am a member of the most amazing church and I am grateful for the blessings because of it.

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