Thursday, February 14, 2008


twilight series
I'm sure Kameron is super glad about this. He finally gets his wife back after 3 days.
But, I'm totally bummed.
Now I have to sit and wonder until AUGUST.
But, I just finished Eclipse this morning.
I still can't believe I read 3 books in pretty much 3 days.

Let me just say:

They were AMAZING.
I loved each of them.

I have so many thoughts in my little brain - it's killing me.
I'm dying to talk to someone about these books!

Here's a few things:
* I'm kind of afraid that Jacob is going to attack Edward in the 4th book. He had so much RAGE at the end of the book.

* I am annoyed at Bella for her realizing that she loved Jacob. UGH. I'm not a huge fan of Jacob. There's something about him that drives me crazy. Maybe it's the fact that he is so reckless with Bella's life? Or maybe that he is selfish and wants Bella to be happy but, only if it's with him? Edward just wants Bella to be happy ... period.

* I was annoyed at Bella the whole book anyways. She's so ungrateful towards Edward. He does SO much for her. The whole Cullen's family does and she's so whiney about it all.

* I am worried that Bella and Edward will end up not getting married. Even though Bella gets on my nerves, she has to marry Edward. He loves her too much for it to not happen. I don't want to see him hurt again (man, I sound pathetic huh?)

* Edward ... ahhh. Edward. He is so ... perfect. I love how dreamy Stephanie Meyer makes him. I love how much he loves Bella. Unconditionally.
It's hard to explain my feelings about him. Kameron thinks I'm in love with Edward. Me? Never!

* There is so much I'm thinking about. I'm sure I will post more about the books as I dissect them a little more.
I would love to hear people's thoughts.

I am very much anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn in August.
I'm assuming it will be the close of the series. With Edward and Bella's wedding, her transformation to a vampire (and everything that comes along with it, saying goodbye to her soul, family ... everything), and how she handles it.

I guess only time will tell. And I'm sure Stephanie Meyer will throw in some unexpected turns of events.

I'm super excited!!!


The Warrens said...

K so i can't believe that you finished all 3 books... I still have about 150 pages of the last book. To be honest i had a hard time picking up the 3rd one. I didn't love the 2nd one, so i didn't want to read the 3rd and it took me a little while to give it a chance, but I feel like (now that i am almost done) 3 has been better. I loved book 1! I love Edward... He is a hottie in my head! :)

emily said...

oh, girl-- if i had the time and two hands to type!! I UNDERSTAND!! My Twilight binge was this summer and I sill feel weak in the knees when I think of Edward and Bella's love.

And making out with a chunk of ice.

So...can you wait til June, and we'll dish in person??

The Evans Family said...

I'm planning on posting my thoughts on the Twilight Series soon!! Stay tuned! :)

The Miner Family said...

I am trying so hard not to be obessed with those books. But I look at them sitting on my shelf and I just think (in my head) Edward is in there. I just have to keep telling myself that I have to much to do and I can't start reading them again.

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