Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The tale of 2 Dixie's

First of all, we have a dog named Dixie. She's kind of obnoxious and barks and anything and everything.

(this is Dixie as a puppy, so cute huh?)

Secondly, I really think Dixie is a name for a dog. Unless, you were born before like 1970. Then it's okay.

So, we just got some new neighbors. It's a family of three, mom, dad and a little girl. (as a side note: they're not very friendly. I try to smile or say hi and they look at me like I've just given them a death look. But, that doesn't really matter when it comes to this story.) Anyways, they were outside one day and our dog, Dixie, was barking at them. So, Kameron goes out back to get her to be quite ...

"Shut up, Dixie!"
"Get over here now Dixie!"

Then, he listens to these new neighbors.

The dad says, "Come on Dixie, let's go!"

Kameron's thinking ... 'why the heck is that guy talking to my dog?'

Then, the neighbor dad said, "Make sure you pick up all your toys Dixie and come inside."

They named their 4 or 5 year old daughter DIXIE?
Don't you think Dixie is a name better suited for a dog rather than a little girl?

They just brought home a new puppy today ... I wonder what they'll name it?


kmelanese said...

HaHa! That is so funny! Yes I agree Dixie is a dogs name. Let's hope they don't name their dog Kason. That would be weird....

Ashley said...


I always laugh when people meet me and say "I had a dog named Ashley!"

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I agree, Dixie is a name for a dog, boat or possibly a form of punishment worse than jury duty.

"Hey man, wanna come over and play X-Box?"

"Sorry, dude, I can't. I've got Dixie in an hour."

"Oough! Harsh!!"

k.c. said...

So basically you're saying YOU wouldn't name your daughter Dixie?

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