Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My mixed emotions re: MAY

Why is it that one of my most favorite months of the entire year is so CrAzY?! May is always so busy and filled with so much to do! This year it seems like it was even worse. I absolutely love May, it has my birthday and mother's day and the weather is usually really nice (not this year though) but it's always so incredibly crazy.

I am stealing this from my cousin Emily because it seems like a good way to de-junk my brain. Here, my friends, is my long list of excuses for not blogging lately. I have had so much to do and I still have so much to do. I have SO many things I want to blog about but I just do not have any time.

So ... my excuse list (aka: a to-do list)

- do laundry
- clean the bathroom (thanks mom)
- wash or replace the shower curtain (does anyone else have a problem with nasty shower curtains?)
- pedicure - Thursday @ 1:30
- visit teach Kim - Thursday @ 3:00
- Piano lessons - Thursday @ 4:00
- Grey's Anatomy Season Finale - Thursday @ 8:00 (boo-hoo!)
- pack for this weekend!!!
- find a ward to attend in the Phoenix area for Sunday
- confirm our spa times for Saturday
- wrap wedding gift
-get wedding card
- leave for Phoenix - Friday @ 3:00 (meet mom in Globe)
- mail in ASRS forms
- schedule appointment with Dr. Foote
- call insurance companies
- call Christina to reschedule visiting teaching
- call Claire to schedule visiting teaching
- register for EAC mom 'n' tot swim class
- arrange accomodations for Jo City visit
- arrange accomodations for Eagar visit
- pay gas bill
- write thank you notes
- find Kameron's flip flops
- decide what to wear to a five star resort this weekend
- turn in Kameron's perscription
- call Dr. Walsh's office re: referral to Dr. Foote
- call Mike Goodman
- call NAU
- piano lessons - Friday @ 10:00
- get recipes to Julina
- get pictures to Kirsti
- clean backyard (thanks Kam)
- blog about birthday
-blog about mother's day
-blog about d-backs game
- blog, blog & blog (I have so many blogs to write)
- call back people inquiring about piano lessons
- baby-sit Lunt kids
- activity days
- e-mail pictures to Tiana
- when back from Phoenix, pack for Payson/Jo City/Eagar trip
- check on packages that should be arriving
- mop
- balance check book
- try making homemade pizza dough with my new kitchen aid (blog about this to come!!)
- Walmart run
- clean bedroom
-put locks on cabinets
- list for mom for this weekend
- medical release for mom for this weekend
- letter to Northwest Medical Center re: insurance coverage
- put songs on mp3 player
- wash towels (thanks Kam!)
- wash sheets
- mail medical records to insurance company
- get directions to all our destinations this weekend
- return AE shirt
- complete list and collapse

I love being busy but I will be glad when the next couple weeks are over. They're going to fun but BUSY! So, we'll be back to blogging in awhile - until then ... hang tight!


Make sure you read Kameron's first ever blog post ... it's a couple posts down :o) I'm so proud of him jumping into the blogging world


Jessie said...

when you say your babysitting the Lunt kids, are you babysitting my neices and nephew? Emilee, Maren, Camryn and Gabriel? They are the BEST kids! I Love and miss them!

Maranda Whittle said...

Wow, your busy. Maybe that's why I hate this gay stupid little town, because I'm alway bored!!

Jessie said...

Yeah they are relatives but just not my neices. Just wondering!

Susan said...

Holy cow - you've got your work cut out for you! Here's my tiny way of helping - if it's a plastic shower curtain you're talking about, I've done this many times and it works like a charm: throw it in the washing machine with a towel or two and wash it like a normal load of laundry with soap, then just hang it back up to dry. voila!

HollySteffen said...

woah you're busy!

i'm so proud of you jami!!!

where did you get this adorable background???

your song reminds me of the movie: love actually

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