Thursday, October 2, 2008

Changing Seasons!


That means ...

leaves changing colors
spicey scents

I didn't used to enjoy halloween. But, then I had Kason and now I love it!
I love dressing him up in a fun costume, I love watching all the other kids collect their candy, and ... I love all the free candy we get (admit it - you do too!!!)

Last year, Kason was a moose ...


He loved it ... really


Look how precious he was last year! So little!!



Okay, that's not the purpose of this post.

I need your help.

I'm having the HARDEST time thinking of a costume for Kason this year!!!!
I made his costume last year and I'm planning on making it this year but, I have no ideas.

SO ... I decided to do a little giveaway!
And here's the rules of my game ...

1. Leave a comment on this post with an idea for a creative, homemade, cute costume for a 20 month old boy. And, be sure to tell me your favorite Halloween Candy in your comment!

2. I will read through them and pick my favorite idea.

3. Who's ever idea I use I'll send you these:


Homemade craft pumpkins - perfect for you Halloween decor!
(and don't forget a bag of your favorite halloween candy thrown in!)

So, get your creative wheels thinking and start commenting.

I will close commenting on OCTOBER 10th at MIDNIGHT!
And the winner will be announced October 11th!

Good Luck - Have Fun!

I'm excited to hear your ideas!!!!


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

How fun! Might as well give my 2 cents.

Last year Bode was a cowboy. I loved it. I made a little vest, had a red bandana, found a little sheriffs star, I borrowed cowboys boots from a friend and ordered a hat of the internet for $8. And Wal-Mart had a little horse in a stick, Jer couldn't pass that up. Oh and we smudged his face so he looked all rugged.

I always wanted to make a pumpkin costume. My mom has a cute pattern for one.

I also think a Lego is fun.

This year Bode is going to be "Dash" from the Incredibles. Some red leggings, red shirt, and some fancy felt work on my part and I think it should be cute.

kmelanese said...

Oh man the last comment stole me idea. I was going to say all three of you should be the Incredibles.

Pirates are always cute!

What things does Kason like? Does he like Disney movies? He could be Peter Pan. You would make a perfect Wendy!

That is all my ideas. Now what is my favorite halloween candy? I love the big bags with the tootsie rools and tootsie pops!

Good Luck coming up with a costume!

The Pond Family said...

Wahoo for Jami! What about a little football player? Or whatever your favorite sport is player? Keelan was yoda last year and that was pretty darn cute. Or a scarecrow would be cute with straw glued on to his outfit and little triangle and square patch marks on his cheeks. Hmmm..that's all I got, I suck at coming up with ideas lol.

My favorite halloween candy is anything that LOOKS halloween, ya know like chocolate eyeballs or chocolate fingers, gross morbid stuff that you can only really enjoy on Halloween otherwise you're just plain gross. Haha!

Good luck!

Doug said...

I vote for penguin!

Alicia said...

I was going to say make him Jack Sparrow, but someone else already mentioned pirates (that's what Trenton was going to be, but since I've gotten a good look at his longer than long arms, I'm going to try and make him a little monkey. Just thinking about it makes me go, "Awww..."). I'll think of something else. Something great. Just you wait. For now, I can only tell you what my favorite Halloween candy is. I love candy corn. Especially when they mix in those big orange pumpkins. Okay. I'm salivating.
Give me a few days to think up something.

The Melo Family said...

My mom made a really cute costume for Kado last year. He was only a few weeks old but it could work for a bigger kid too. It's a red chili pepper! I'll have to show you a picture of it! It's so cute!
She also once made me a costume when I was younger. (she made all our costumes:D) I was a bunch of grapes. She bought purple balloons and blew them up and cut out felt leaves and sewed them onto a sweat suit. She used green pipe cleaners for the grape vines.
Have you ever had caramel apple candy corn? It's my fav and I love the pumpkin candy corn too!:D

HollySteffen said...

ok... i seriously have the cutest idea!!! kason as a rooster/chick

it looks easy to make!!
and if you guys want to dress up you can be farmers!!!! overalls and plaid shirts and hats would do the job!!

=] my fave halloween candy is:
reeses pb filled pumpkins!

mnjespersen said...

I think a cute idea would be a dressing your son up as a dalmation you know just getting him a white sweat suit and painting spots .. and for you to be cruella DeVille but I don't know what your husband would be .. hmm

or you can make him into a card.. if your son is 2.. make him into a 2 of hearts and you and your husband could be the queen and king of hearts

as for favorite halloween candy? mm flavored tootsie rolls =) and 100 grand bars.

Good luck.. hmm I am liking my playing card idea =)

sunnysavanna said...

an m&m mini!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was ab m&m one year. you and the hubby could be m&ms too. my favortite candy is reeses. good luck thinking of something. i still dont know what my kids will be

bclawson03 said...

I had a friend of mine dress up as Safari people. So, what if you and your hubby dressed up as Safari people and made your son his favorite Safari animal and dress him in that! Oh and my favorite Halloween candy is candy pumpkins or candy corn.

Tiffini said...

Okay so when I was little my mom made me a hamburger costume. It was the cutest thing ever and I loved it. He would be so cute! Very different I know but hey its what I wanted :)

noreen said...

a bat, my mom made that for me when I was a kid
Baseball (then you guys could be a bat and glove)
bumble bee (I knit this costume for my girls when they were this age)

Jenni said...

Make him a scarecrow. A pair of jeans with plaid patches you pin or glue on. A flannel shirt and a straw hat. Take yellow yarn or raffia and have it coming out of his sleeves and pant legs and out from under the hat. Use face paint and make patches of triangles and squares on his cheeks if he will let you. Really easy.

Kevin & Rhiannon said...

You two could be Men in Black and the little guy could be an alien.
:) I love Reeses!

Baker Bunch said...

Hey Jami,

All those ideas are great but I have to say mine will definately win. Kason can be a skunk. Just get a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Sew a white stripe down the back and make a tail with some fur and put a white stripe down that also. Kaiden was a skunk the first year and I did it because he always had such stinky diapers, so it fit him perfectly. Have fun!


Haley said...

My little guy is going as a scarecrow this year. He is 13 months and I wanted something that wasn't too uncomfortable but cute. I am transforming his jean overalls with flannel patches sewn on, with some leaves and raffia glued onto the front pocket. Found a flannel shirt at goodwill. I'm going to sew a ring of yellow yarn around the neck and arms for straw. Top with a denim hat with the same yellow yarn accents and then a little triangle nose! Voila! (His big sis is going as Dorothy) Hope you like the idea! My favorite Halloween candy is anything chocolate! :)

Nancy said...

One year my little brother was a mummy, and I think it is the easiest costume. We just took an old white sheet and tore it into strips about 2 inches thick. Then we wrapped it around his arms, legs, torso and head. We did have to secure some of the strips with safety pins, but he looked so cute! On the off chance that I win, I really like peanut M&Ms.

caroline said...

How about a bumble bee? Take a black sweatsuit, sew some yellow ribbon on for stripes and add pipecleaner antenas to the hood. You can add some wings if you want too!

I love dark chocolate!

Amy said...

He needs to be a tortilla. I love twix.-Amy Lunt

Billy & Stephanie said...

a scare crow!!!

kit kat

Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

If you had a little girl (friend, or cousin) you could have them be Pebbles and Bam Bam or you all can dress up as the Flinstones characters.
I love All Halloween Candy;) but I guess reeces anything is great!

kittyhox said...

I think one of the cutest costumes is a lobster costume. I've seen them in catalogs, but I'm sure a homemade lobster costume could be even cuter!

keri said...

I think a lil cowboy would be cute

Porters said...

Your little guy is so cute, I think he would look so adorable dressed up like Curious George. My friend a year ago dressed her boys up as The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George. So I thought that would be a pretty cool idea for a little boy. Have a great Halloween!

Sorry just as I was about to send I thought a spider with all the legs would be cool too.

Anonymous said...

He should be a little sushi roll. That would be so darling, I'm thinking of making a costume like that for my littlest one.

Zen Ventures said...

Make him into a little octopus! That would be cute! You can use Henry the octopus in wiggles as your pattern! I think that would be cool. Cute 8 little arms wiggling around. And if I win, I would love M&M Almond chocolates! yum! there goes my diet!! btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering in my promo- I wish you luck!

Melissa said...

When my daughter was about that age, she was a pile of leaves. I took a brown sweat suit and sewed fake leaves all over it, including on the hood. She carried around a toy rake along with her trick or treat bag. She was adorable! I miss those ages. My girls are 9 and 11 now...almost ready to give up trick or treating. I can squeeze in a few more years, maybe.

My favorite candy? Reeces!

Alicia said...

Okay. I give up. I was going to say tortilla. Sorry I stink. I think I need sleep...

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