Wednesday, January 14, 2009

These are just a few funny pictures I've taken over the past month or so, Kason has such a funny personality - it's so fun watching him grow and learn new things!
Chillin' on Mom and Dad's bed - talking to himself in the mirror ...


All bundled up at our yard sale ... he reminded me of the boy on A Christmas Story - because he could barely move!!


Kason dress-up


When we first moved to Sierra Vista church was at 1:00 which is right when Kason goes down for his nap. The first Sunday he fell asleep at church but the second Sunday while I was getting ready, he asked Kam for his blanket, laid down right in front of the tv and fell asleep! It was SO cute!


There are no words to explain. Kameron and I were laughing so hard when we went to check on Kason one night and this is how he was sleeping!!



Sean and Erin said...

These pictures make me excited to have a baby :) He is sooooo cute!!

Zen Ventures said...

This are great photos. The last one would have been a perfect entry for the DeCode Wednesday game which I just launched. Come join us next wednesday. I'm sure you've got more of this stashed somewhere :)


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