Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Handsome Boy!

We had our friend, Amanda, take some pictures of Kason when she was visiting here.
Here are a few of them. I think they turned out SO stinkin' cute! (it helps will the model is so cute, though!) She was awesome and did so good with Kason. If you need some pictures taken - she's great!!

Kason's Pictures

Thanks again, Amanda!


Heather said...

That kid is SUCH a stud!

The Youngs said...

I saw kasons picts through amanda earlier today--i bet u didnt know that her sis amy introduced me to the church....Once again, small world. I wonder who else you know that I know lol!---but im also confused how u know her. Cuz i thought se and zane were still living in Thatcher and ur in Serra Vista

Mandi Lou said...

Thank You sooooo much for letting me take pictures! You're great, and he was soooo good! Thank you thank you!!

Mandi Lou said...

P.S. I'm sending them to you today promise!!!

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

They are SO cute! He's such a stud! ;)

The Penrod Family said...

I can't believe how big he is now!! He's adorable!

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