Sunday, October 4, 2009

179th General Conference: October 2009

In our church, they hold a conference two times a year that is broadcast to all of the members of the church, all over the world. We hear from our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, his counselors, the apostles of the church and other leaders in the church. I LOVE General Conference and really look forward to it each April and October. It is a time where I am able to receive personal guidance from our Prophet and from the Lord's leaders and it is a time for me to feel refreshed and refueled. I was ESPECIALLY looking forward to it this time. Yesterday and today were the days that the conference was held. Last Saturday was the General Relief Society Broadcast.

This year I decided to ask 3 questions that I wanted answered during the course of the Conference. I wasn't sure what type of answers I would get but, I was amazed at the exactness of the answers I received - they were exactly the things that I needed to hear.

1) Why must I go through this trial of losing my husband?

Elder L. Whitney Clayton said:
"Our trials are only a small moment. If we endure them well, we will be exalted above."
"Our burdens help us develop empathy for others....We must mourn with those who mourn, comfort those in need of comfort."

2) How can I still be a good mom to Kason?

Elder David Bednar gave the following guidelines of what we need to be consistent with in our homes:

1. Express love and SHOW it: sincerely and frequently express love. Say I love you often, mean it when you say it and consistently show it.
2. Bear testimony and LIVE it: Bear your testimony to your children OFTEN, set an EXAMPLE
3. Be consistent: Consistently have family prayer, family scripture and Family Home Evening. "Each prayer, scripture study and Family Home Evening are individual "brush strokes" that develop our life"

3) What place do I, as young widow and young single mother, have in the church?

I go back to the Relief Society Broadcast for this answer when Sister Silvia H. Allred said:

"Whether you are young or old, single or married, widowed or living in a family, we want you to bless your life and home with the influence and power of Relief Society. There is a great need to rally the women of the Church to move the work forward. We invite you to minister with your powerful influence for good in strengthening our families, our church and our communities. You are a much needed force for love, truth and righteousness in this world. We need you to nurture families, friends and neighbors. It is through you that God's perfect love for each and all of his children is made manifest."

She went on to say that "Relief Society needs you, and you need Relief Society"

I feel SO blessed to have been able to receive these answers - it proves to me that the Lord knew my concerns and he opened my heart to be able to hear these answers. I am SO grateful for the blessing of General Conference. I am amazed at the difference it makes in my life. When I was younger I could have cared less about conference and took it as an opportunity to take an uninterrupted nap. But, now, I realize the importance of it and the blessing that it is for us to hear from the Prophet of the Lord and receive the counsel that he has been inspired to share!!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is such an amazing blessing in my life!!


{megs in wonderland} said...

Hi Jami, you dont know me, but we have alot of mutual friends- I just graduated from EAC, one year ago. I hope you dont think I'm a freaky blog stalker, but I just wanted to tell you that I look up to you, and really appreciate your beautiful testimony. You are such a strong, AMAZING woman. Keep hanging in there.

HollySteffen said...

thank you for sharing. there were so many times in conference i thought of you. i love you! :)

Summers Family said...

I LOVED this conference! I didn't catch the Sunday sessions since we went on a family picnic and it didn't start until 11 here, but I am looking forward to reading the talks in the Ensign!

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

I love the insight you have had. I loved all the conference session. I love the fact that we are all able to walk away from it feeling like our prayers were answered no matter what our situation. Thank you for sharing!

Katy and Landon said...

I have to give a lesson in RS from Elder Eyring's talk last conference on adversity. As I ponder why we go thru the things we do, the thought always keeps coming back to me is that sometimes, the only reason we go thru difficult things is so that we can understand, bless, and succor those around us. We are able to serve one another and help one another better knowing that we all go thru hardships. Think of any young widow that you will meet from here on out - - how you'll be able to truly help her and reach out to her and say what others can't say because you'll know exactly what she's going through. Not that that erases the pain of losing your husband, but what a joy and help you'll be to other women and blessing to them. I know you will!

I feel that way with parents that have children with special needs. Now when I hear of a family going thru what we are (especially if they have a child with Down syndrome) I can't help but want to reach out and let them know they aren't alone and that I know how they feel.

I'm glad conference was so good for you-what a good idea to have written down questions!

Jewel said...

Isn't it amazing how hearing from the inspired prophets of the Lord helps us with the perspective changes we so desperately need?

Susan said...

I started doing the question writing thing before conference in college and it always helps. It amazes me how literally those words are meant for us.

Sailing Past Maturity Straight into Senility said...

I'm so glad you received answers; they are there if we really want them, are willing to listen AND to obey.

The Warrens said...

well i'm glad you found your "happy place" again. It truly was an amazing meeting (all of them) so inspired and perfect! Jami you are awesome!!! We sure love you!!

Stephanie said...

I don't remember how I found your blog but I really enjoy your thoughts. I can't imagine how much pain you have gone through and how your life has changed but I know what you said about answers is true. Answers do come and Heavenly Father is aware of each of us. Conference was a fantastic way to understand better His plan for us.

Whitney said...

Hey Jami...its been a long time! I just wanted to let you know that after reading your blog, you are one of he strongest girls I know. You have such great faith, and have always been such a great example of a daughter of our Heavenly Father...THANKS!!

Skinners said...

Jami, Our family still keeps you and yours in our prayers. Thank you for your strength.

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